Hi! My name is Joseph Carlough. I run Displaced Snail Publications. I've had my writing accepted by a series of publications and journals through the years, and occasionally still send out for review. But I've found the process to be tedious and disappointing. So I began to make zines (self-published works, think homemade magazines) and sell my handmade books at zine fests, craft shows, and book fairs. I love it. After quitting my job as a professional book designer, I began to pick up more and more freelance work, finding a niche market for tiny book design and printing. It's kind of a hobby-as-a-job-as-a-hobby situation. If you ever want to make a book, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to lend you my services!

If you'd like to email me, head to the contact page.

P.S. Want to come over? We do shows at our house sometimes