Unpacking the China

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Unpacking the China


Hello Sarah,

Here's a way to purchase copies of your wonderful book by QuillsEdge Press, Unpacking the China. They're printed using a ink-rich digital method, and are printed and assembled one at a time.

You may purchase them at any time at half the list price and with free shipping, but please purchase a minimum of 10 copies each order. I unfortunately cannot fill author copy orders under 10 at the time being. Books will be shipped media mail, so expect 2-8 days for delivery. If you'd prefer faster shipping, let me know how many books prior to ordering, and I can create a specific listing for that.

Orders usually take 1-2 weeks to fulfill, depending on the size. 

P.S. Alternately, I can take checks as payment. Please send them to:

Joseph Carlough

3713 Calumet Street

Philadelphia, PA 19129

And just shoot me an email letting me know how many. I'm working on your first batch now!

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