Welcome to Scary Movie Club of America! SMCoA was founded in Frenchtown, NJ in 2014 by a group of friends who wanted to watch scary movies and have themed parties. The core members are Joseph Carlough (me), Katie Haegele (writer/zinester extraordinaire), and Meg Metz (owner and proprietor of Modern Love). You may notice that some of the following reviews also include fun things like party ideas, drink accompaniments & games, and suggested banter topics. If you have a favorite scary movie and would like to contribute suggestions for fun ways to watch it, please let me know

Here are the collected mini-reviews of all horror movies that I've watched, rated using the Carlough Scale, which is definitely a real thing. Each category is rated 1-10, and a perfect movie (yea right) would score 100. Here is the scale, with explanations:

Acting - Pretty self explanatory. The higher the number, the better the acting. However, acting in the 0-3 range can also make a pretty entertaining movie.
Anxiety - Did I feel tense while watching this movie? I hope so. 
Atmosphere - Big one here. Setting + Mood + Soundtrack, all rolled into one.
Movie Watched - Did I watch the whole movie? I’m a big enough man to admit that I won’t watch a whole movie if I think it stinks.
Appropriate GrossnessBasically, does the movie deserve the gore, the unsettling feeling, the violence? Or were those elements cheap, forced, undeserved? 
Production - How does the movie look? Is the CGI horrible? Are the sets goofy? Hope not. Again, like Acting, a low score here can still be very entertaining.
Recommended - Should you watch this movie? P.S. Sometimes a movie with a relatively low score overall will still have a high score here - trust me!
Unpredictable - I generally don’t love movies for which I guess the ending within the first half.
Scares - Here are your classic jumps, frights, and boogedie-boogedies. I like these, generally, but a movie shouldn't be based solely on them.
Story - Am I watching a story that’s been told a hundred times? I hope not.


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