100 Books for 100 Bucks


100 Books for 100 Bucks


Hi there! Here at DSP, I'm excited to offer a new type of print service. Let's say you're like me: having your book or zine made and out in the world is the most important part of writing. Maybe you think the stuff I make looks great, and you know I'll treat your book with dignity, and will make it look awesome, and you're not sure you even have a design in mind for your book. Great! Gimme a hundred bucks and I'll give you a hundred books. 

Here's how it works. Purchase this package and fill out the form when prompted. The form is going to ask you some basic design questions: what's your favorite color, what kind of designs do you like, how would you describe your aesthetic, etc. I'll begin to design your books, and I'll write to you to let you know how it's going and make general chit chat, but we are not allowed to discuss the books. I'll divine the design out of the work itself, and the brief survey you filled out. Then, I'll print, assemble, and ship your books out within 3 weeks.

Here are the general specifics:

  • The book must be 20 book pages or less - note, this doesn't mean 20 Word doc pages! They will be quarter sized (5.5" x 4.25"), so here's a good guide:
    • PROSE: I can generally fit 150-180 words of prose per page, so your manuscript should not be longer than 3500ish words to allow for inner cover pages, author's bio, table of contents, etc.
    • POETRY: Each page generally fits 24 lines of poetry, the lines being not much longer than 8 words each. Plan on a collection of small poems, or some that can span two pages.
  • The covers will be in B&W or color, with an image and title on the front. The back cover will be blank, except for my logo, neatly tucked in one of the corners. 
  • The inner pages will be black and white. Text works best, but I can support some images.
  • This project is meant to be fun more than anything else. If you feel that whimsical is one way to describe yourself, you'll love this. If you think of yourself more as a perfectionist, please see my form for hiring me as your designer/printer.
  • Free shipping!

Head to the Shop or Gallery pages to check out some of my work. If you're ready to make your book, purchase this package and let's get started!

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