Welcome to Displaced Snail Publications, an independent publisher run from a small row house by the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My name is Joe Carlough, and with a large borderless inkjet printer and over 60,000 sheets of paper in my home studio, I'm pretty serious about my commitment to DIY publishing. Head over to the Shop to see what's selling, or visit my Portfolio of books made for clients.

Feel free to inquire about book design and printing services. I've made over 115 of my own zines, I've printed chapbooks for over 60 clients, and I've spent 2 years with an educational publisher as the Director of Publishing, and another 2 acting as an educational consultant for a major SAT publisher.

DSP was founded in December of 2008. Rad. 

P.S. Want to come over? We do shows at our house sometimes